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LIANYUNGANG In the 20 years after reforming and opening to the outside world,Lianyungang has gradually formed a new structure of all-round positions,multiple levels and wide fields. Owing to the gradual improvement of the infrastructure and the remarkable amelioration of the investment environment,Lianyungang was awarded "One of The 40 Chinese Cities with Best Investment Environment" in 1992. It has established friendly relationships with cities of Japan,Korea,Australia,New Zealand,Russia,and 18 districts,cities,and states of 9 along-Continental Bridge provinces of China. Clients from 35 countries and regions in the world have set up more than2000 cooperative projects in Lianyungang. Some top world 500 enterpreses,such asU.S. Dupont,French Roquette come to invest and set up companies. The Continental Bridge International Information Center set up by three ministries of the country has established relationships with more than 30 countries and regions in the world and 40 cities from 10 provinces in china. Jiangsu Provincial Government has planed to build Lianyungang into one of the three regional international business centers in the province,which created advantages for promoting the opening standard and providing better service for the development of the surrornding and inland areas.

LIANYUNGANG ,which lies in the mid-coast of China the northeast of Jiangsu Province,is the first-group coastal opening city and the east-terminal of the New-Eurasian Landbridge approved by the nation. Now it dominates four counties,i.e Ganyu,Donghai,Guanyun and Guannan and three districts,i.e.Xinpu,Lianyun and Haizhou;'and it also possesses national economic and technical development zones and an export processing zones. The total area is 7444 sq.km2,and the population 4.64 million.

LIANYUNGANG International Business Center has been enrolled into the provincial the tenth"Five-Year Plan".The total planned area is 270 hectares,37 of which is the core area,where an international exhibition center has been set up; a central square and other public facilities are under construction . Depending on the special geographical position of the East Terminal of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge and the vast economic hinterland in China,the development and construction of the international business center of Liangyungang is an important act of carrying out the " West Development" policy. Lianyungang Continental Bridge International Business Center will be developed into an important foreign trade window for the countries and regions along the Pacific Ocean,Mid-Asia area and the provinces and regions along the Continental Bridge in China.

LIANGYUNGANG Export Processing Zone lies in Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has been approved by the State Council in March 2003; checked and accepted by the state in July,and come into action officially. Its total planning site area is 2.97 km2 in which the first term covers 0.71 km2,and the second term covers 2.26 km2. It extends to Xin Xu Road in the east,Xin Gang Road in the west (Planing Road),Pai Dan River in the south,and Yun Yan River in the north. The area conditions are predominant. Longhai railway,Lianyungang-Xuzhou expressway and No.310 highway pass through the Zone,and it is only 5 km away from Lianyungang port; its position is very advantageous. The Zone possesses the special conditions to build special railway line and river wharf. It can satisfy the need of the future development of the enterprises.