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HUAAN,Premier Zhou Enlai's hometown,is located of the center of Northern Jiangsu plain.The city area is 10,100 square kilometers including four counties and four districts with total population of 5,180,000,among which the downtown population is 730 thousand and the area coves 75 square kilometers.The Grand Canal crosses Huai'an and the Hongze Lake carved init.Because of its outstanding location,Huai'an has been a famous city in China,the impor-tant hub of transportation,the central city in the south of Northern Jiangsu area,the new production base of industry,agriculture and sideline products.


Established with the approval of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in the October of 1993,Huai'an Economic Development Zone is a provincial level development zone,and approved as a high-tech zone in 2000. It is the geometrical center of the new Huai'an City,with Chuzhou district to the east,Qinghe district to the west, Qingpu district to the south by a river,and Huaiyin district to the north. The Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) expressway and Jinghang Great Canal just surround the development zone,and the Tongsan expressway and Ninglian expressway also joint here. The Huai'an railway station of Xinchang railway,an important railway along the southeast coast,locates right in the development zone. Huai'an Economic Development Zone covers an area of 73 square kilometers,including high-tech park,industrial park,trade and finance park,residence community,ecological park,the 1.5-square-kilometer Korean Park,and the 8-square-kilometer salt chemical park at the west suburb of the city.