Processing Trade<\/o:p><\/STRONG><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


Jiangsu<\/SPAN><\/st1:State>’s processing trade gives a vigorous boost to Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State>’s foreign trade. Between the year 1987 and 2011, processing trade contributed a lot to the foreign trade export growth of the province.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


With foreign investment enterprises as its main body, mechanic & electrical products and new & high-tech products as its major<\/SPAN> <\/SPAN>impetus<\/SPAN>,<\/SPAN>Jiangsu’s processing trade reached USD 246.3 billion in 2012, down by 7.6% year-on-year, and accounting for 45% of the total import and export trade.<\/SPAN><\/FONT><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P><\/td><\/tr>