Q1. How do I obtain trade statistics of Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State>?<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P><\/DIV>\n


Check Annual Stats<\/FONT><\/A><\/SPAN><\/U><\/B> for a general view of Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State>’s foreign trade statistics in recent years (in charts, updated annually).
Stats by Month<\/FONT><\/A><\/U><\/B><\/SPAN> for classified trade statistics of the province updated every month.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


Q2. How do I obtain information about a certain company or a particular product to export to or import from Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State>?<\/o:p><\/FONT><\/SPAN><\/H2><\/DIV>\n


  <\/SPAN><\/SPAN><\/STRONG>    <\/SPAN>You can refer to two e-commercial websites:
Made-in-Jiangsu (URL: <\/SPAN><\/STRONG>http:\/\/\/<\/SPAN><\/STRONG>) & Jiangsu-Alibaba (URL: <\/SPAN><\/STRONG>http:\/\/\/<\/SPAN><\/STRONG>).
They basically cover the major companies and products in Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State> province, as well as relative offers and trade shows. <\/SPAN><\/STRONG><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n


Q3. What should I do if I want further information concerning foreign trade, investment and cooperation<\/SPAN><\/B>?<\/SPAN><\/B><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/B><\/P><\/DIV>\n


You can contact us by telephone, e<\/SPAN>-mail or leaving messages on this website to ask questions or apply for information. Check Contact Us<\/FONT><\/A><\/SPAN><\/U><\/B> for detailed instructions. Please note: your inquiry must fall within the main mandates of Jiangsu DOC (check our main mandates<\/FONT><\/A><\/SPAN><\/U><\/B> here).

For local information, you can also contact the specific local commerce bureau of the city you are interested in. Check
Local Commerce Bureaus in Jiangsu<\/FONT><\/A><\/SPAN><\/U><\/B> for the complete contacts of the 13 bureaus.

“Useful Links” on the
Homepage<\/FONT><\/A><\/SPAN><\/U><\/B> of this website may also help you access more information.<\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n