I. Excellent Geographical Location<\/SPAN><\/STRONG><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Jiangsu<\/SPAN><\/st1:PlaceName> Province<\/st1:PlaceType> is situated in the eastern part of China<\/st1:country-region> by the Yellow Sea and the down stream areas of the Yangtze River and the Huai<\/st1:PlaceName> River<\/st1:PlaceType>, with Shandong<\/st1:State> province to the north, Anhui<\/st1:State> province to the west, Shanghai<\/st1:PlaceName> Municipality<\/st1:PlaceType> and Zhejiang<\/st1:PlaceName> Province<\/st1:PlaceType><\/st1:place> to the southeast. The province covers an area of 102, 600 square kilometers, 1.06% of the total area of the country.<\/SPAN><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Ití»s convenient to travel in and from Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State>, thanks to the well developed rail transportation, remarkable highway construction and high-level international airports. Jiangsu<\/st1:place><\/st1:State> also enjoys a special geographical advantage in inland water transport. The Yangtze River<\/st1:place> runs across the province from west to east for 400 km<\/st1:chmetcnv>. The section eastward from Nanjing<\/st1:place><\/st1:City> can accommodate oceangoing vessels of 50 thousand tons. The Grand Canal flows from north to south for over 690 km<\/st1:chmetcnv>. There are 8 100-million-ton ports and 9 civillian airports in Jiangsu. Nanjing Lukou International Airport operates domestic flight courses throughout the country and international flight courses to Asian, European and American countries. With 152,000 kilometers of highways, 4,122 kilometers of expressways, and 2,304 kilometers of raiways, the land transportation is quite convenient in Jiangsu. <\/SPAN>
<\/SPAN>II. Important Manufacturing Base<\/SPAN><\/STRONG><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

<\/SPAN>III. Leadership in the Utilization of FDI<\/SPAN><\/STRONG><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Jiangsu<\/SPAN><\/st1:State> takes the lead in China<\/st1:place><\/st1:country-region> in utilizing foreign capital. The total volume of actual use of foreign capital has kept the province the first place in China<\/st1:place><\/st1:country-region> for 9 consecutive years. By the end of 2011, the paid-in foreign investment in Jiangsu reached about USD 32.1 billion, accounting for over a quarter of the national total, and over 100,000 foreign-invested enterprises had been set up in Jiangsu,with an accumulated paid-in investment FDI of USD 550 billion. In 2011, contracted foreign capital totaled $59.5 billion, and the actual utilized foreign capital amounted to $32.1 billion.<\/SPAN><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

<\/SPAN>IV. Highly Developed in Education and Research<\/SPAN><\/STRONG><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Jiangsu<\/SPAN><\/st1:place><\/st1:State> enjoys high reputation in respect of science, technology and education. There are 126 colleges\/universities in the province, where more than 1.79 million students are studying. There are 2,360 state-level and provincial-level R&D institutions and 842,000 scientific and technological personnel, with 446,000 R&D personnel included.  <\/SPAN><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

<\/SPAN>V. Good Infrastructure<\/SPAN><\/STRONG><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n

Jiangsu<\/SPAN><\/st1:State> is a transportation hub is East China<\/st1:place>, with densest water, land, and air transportation network.


VI. Environmentally Friendly & Harmonious Society<\/SPAN><\/STRONG> <\/SPAN><\/o:p><\/SPAN><\/P>\n